Begin to breathe with a full breath. When you exhale, imagine how you made to manage the air with bright yellow energy flow in the region of the body of the patient, or directly into the affected area. This area fills the air and energy - energy begins to escape, bringing disease, waste, everything unclean. Breathe - and imagine the air through the nose and through the body region of the patient. Patient\'s body is filled with fresh, clean energy healing. Exhale peasher bactim online again passes through the affected area, and as you exhale all bad, all patients. Kick again to suck in sound healing. Preparation of these ten mind. After his release ten for the location of the patient smoke. to lay minutes in peace. Then the right hand is rubbing the affected area in a circular motion clockwise strelke.S been known and valued properties of honey, as the body\'s ability to increase resistance to all types of poisonings and infections, improve cardiovascular system.

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